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Hilton from Jamaica, Issue #002 -- Make Reading A Habit
September 01, 2019

Make Reading A Habit

Getting into the habit of reading isn’t an easy task. You have to start by reading your first book and discipline yourself until you get to the end of it. If you do, you’ll have conquered the first step toward developing the habit of reading. However, this is only the starting point because you’ll definitely have to continue with the second one. I hate to compare this to cigarette smoking. But if you are a smoker or have ever smoked, you have only to remember the first one. How you coughed and gagged and wretched, but you went back to the second a day or two or even a week after. But you did go back because those strange addictive elements were now in your blood, compelling you to try another one. If you get the first book registered in your brain, and you compel yourself to going on to the second one, there won’t be anything to stop you then. The third one will only come in easier, and especially if you choose a subject matter that you really like. Reading especially for millennials, well except for those who already read, can be done on your favorite device whether it be your phone, tablet, laptop or your chosen e-reader. Make reading a part of your life and you’ll soon see the benefits it provides for you: a bigger vocabulary, a better way of expressing yourself, and an exposure to all the knowledge you can ingest.

Whether you buy books online or at your favorite bookstore, the important thing is that you exercise the habit of reading. It’ll make you climb mountains all the way to the top. Be sure to read something every day and at least one book per month. This will work wonders for you.
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