I know it’s hard for booklovers to accept that books, as we know them today, will one day disappear, be replaced by electronic books or e-books as they are now popularly called. Did you know that e-books started outselling physical books and have been doing so for the last few years by a huge margin? They will continue to grow and spread around the globe as more e-readers become known and available to readers on the screen. It’s not a matter of whether we agree or not. This will eventual happen. There’s nothing we can do about it. E-books will ultimately take the place of books as they currently exist. They'll probably be around only to exhibit how they were, what they looked in the past.

There are several reasons for this. The first that comes to mind is the fact that we have to destroy trees to produce books. A lot of our environmentalists have proven facts now of the destruction of rain forests by the vast amount of plant life that we destroy to advance our ever spreading population and the occupation of land. We won’t have any more trees to cut down in a few years at the rate we are going. Our supply of oxygen and other elements will continue to deplete, leaving Mother Nature to wreak havoc on us as she has been doing with the ever-increasing number of storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters that we are experiencing all around the globe in ways we have never seen before. The Internet, online bookstores, and the facility e-books give you to read them on the screen will only get better as we advance technologically. This is exactly why they will be a part of our lives as our knowledge of communication prolong in the future.

E-books Will Eventually Replace Books

The invention of e-books is another important factor that will have, I should have said has already had, a great impact on books. Every day there are new releases of e-readers making it easier for people to acquire thousands of books and store them in one place. It’s like having a walking library with you wherever you go. Pretty soon, most of these e-readers will turn into a little machine that will store films, songs, pictures, images, books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. and be connected to the Internet by way of a telephone system. That’s how most of us are going to be in the future; move around with a connection to everything from our little machine. There won’t be any room for books, for e-books are going to make them more difficult to come by. I’m a booklover and from the bottom of my heart I wouldn’t like to see books disappear. I love them so much and will continue to read them for I’m convinced that they are the extension of our intelligence. I’ve even come up with a plan to help prolong their future. Combine them with an adequate form of publicity. Each book must carry a distribution of ads that will benefit both the end users and the search engines. This combination will help books explore the realm of making more people read, too. If the person wants to lose weight, do exercise, cure his or her ailment, find a solution to their problem, the advertisement will bring such a benefit to the client or reader in this case. It will create a positive impact on the person for it will always be authentic. There won’t be any guessing involved due to the fact that the effectiveness of the algorithms will make the reader obtain something special out of the publicity.

Nothing to Stop Them from Going

Share your opinion with me. Won’t this be an effective way to prolong the life of books? I don’t want to see them go, although they eventually will. Perhaps we can do something to make them stay. I’d love to see them around for as long as ever so why don’t you send me your ideas and opinions on how to make them stay, on how to help them survive a little longer? What would you do to help books not being completely replaced by e-books?

We've had some fascinating ideas so far so don't hesitate to forward us anything that comes to mind to give books a chance. They're going to need it as we're inclined to believe that with the advent of e-readers and -books they'll some day be left behind. 

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Writers often have the power to use their words to persuade their readers, be it for good or bad

Books are undergoing a serious threat by e-books and might eventually disappear.

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