E-publication will soon be available to a lot of writers as computers spread around the world and giant book companies like Amazon and Google entice authors to block out the middleman by publishing their own work with them. The KDP from the leader in book sales lets you upload your digital book at no cost at all and you only share your royalties with them when your book is sold. No one can beat that as authors from around the world welcome the idea. Google Books under their Partner Program has a similar way of letting you publish your book online then help you market it. In reality e-publication is at everyone’s fingertip and you don’t have to be a topnotch writer or a computer geek to make use of and benefit from it.

Electronic publishing is on the rise because of the speed in delivery and the saving obtained in printing and paper. Data storage and maintenance are other factors that have helped the business grow to its current height. And although the industry is still in its first stages and has a lot of advancement to make, it is plain to see that for the first time e-books have outsold physical books by a huge margin. Anyone with a modern computer, access to the Internet, and some software skills can publish any kind of information with graphics and acoustics much less than they could at the traditional print publisher. E-publishing is bound to get more popular due the technological advances we've made in the field and the ones to come. A whole new world has been opened up to this kind of printing.

Will E-publishing Eventually Take Over?

E-publishing is not void of costs for accounting, legal, design, advertising and distribution must be taken into account for they can turn out to be very costly if not properly administered. However, this hasn’t affected the growth of electronic publishing in any way. Perhaps because of the online aspect to this kind of publication, for authors can carry out joint ventures in advertising or work with affiliate links and lower their cost considerably.

This kind of publishing has been around for a little less than eight years now and although it started out as a trend to provide printed documents in a digital format, it has turned itself into an enormous industry with a promising future as its acceptance has reached the confines of the online world. The publication of journals, newsletters, research reports and all kinds of dynamic information has been treasured by it in such a way that publishers are upholding it as one of the marvels of the modern world. Schools and universities are quickly finding out that it provides a great alternative to publishing their own books, tutorials and an endless amount of educational materials which they hope will help create a new kind of learning atmosphere. Authors and publishers are overwhelmed by the facility they have in publishing their e-books and how readily available they can make them online. Libraries and online bookstores are beyond themselves as they broaden their clientèle with chats, debates and forums. E-publishing has gained momentum and will continue doing so as time goes by.

There Are Three Types of E-publishers

There are now three principal types of e-publishers: Commercial, print-on-demand and self-publishers. Commercial e-publishers are very aggressive in their choice of publication and are mainly interested in making money online. They want material that sells, so they look for topics that can do so, topics that can put cash into their pockets. They have effective ways of marketing their books on their websites or through prominent bookstores so they don’t waste time with writers who don’t meet their needs. The POD model is very effective and has been useful to a lot of authors because it permits them to make use of print and e-publishing. Their books are kept in electronic formats and are readily printed on order. This is undoubtedly a great way for them to save. Self-publishers are actually authors who prefer to self-publish their books because of the economic factor involved. It is inexpensive so the little money they have can be destined to marketing and promotion. This kind of publishing is becoming very important to especially authors who are rejected from the giant publishing companies. They have no alternative but to turn to e-publishing which they immediately come to admire not only because of the cost but due to the fact they have complete control over the processes involved in the publication of their work.

At Wade Hilton from Jamaica, we would love to read your comments and hear your opinions on e-publishing. Will it help make books as we know them today disappear, or is it just a passing event that has scooped up our attention for the time being?

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