Standard Publishing

Standard publishing is now more commonly called traditional publishing which is nothing but an act in which the publishing house pay the author or writer a royalty, a percentage of the price of the book or a fee as payment for work for hire where the writer is freed from any rights to the work. This kind of publishing is still very important and according to figures from it has been growing especially among small and mid-size traditional booksellers whose sales figures normally go unreported. They get paid in different ways and can easily cover up the source of the income. Publishing books this way is still widespread in a lot of countries and in England, France, the US, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany and China many communities are dedicated to the production and sales of books whether at their different clubs or neighboring bookstores. There are also big corporations that single out certain books because of the message or learning curve and give them as gifts to their employees. Many local schools who are against photocopying and are trying to spread a complete respect to copyrights order a great quantity of books from publishers in their areas. Standard publishing is quite reliable and efficient in their production and distribution and there is a segment of the market that will always favor them because of the fact that they’re just around the corner and are easy to contact for any kind of consultation in a lot of communities.

Almost every emerging author thinks highly of this kind of publication because it's their dream to get published, to see and feel their books in their hands. It is as if the physical book turns them into an author while the electronic one does not carry out such a powerful job. They believe in a book that they can touch and give away.

Standard Publishing can Promote Reading

Another important factor behind standard publishing is that it serves to promote reading, which is a habit that as humankind we must always try to not only enjoy but also spread around the globe. If more people got into the habit of reading, the world would be a better place because we would get to know one another better and be able to tear down barriers and penetrate differences in our cultures and ways of living and thinking. Standard publishing should come together in every community, town, city and country to help make everybody read more not only to sharpen their imagination but to prolong the existence of books as we know them today. The advent of the Internet and its facility to read on the screen has brought about a serious threat to standard publishing. It is a lot easier to print online and more and more e-readers are giving people the facility to download hundreds of books and be able to read when and wherever you want. However, it is clear to us now that standard publishing has sidestepped the blow and is continuing to do good job at the sales of books in many communities on a worldwide basis. This kind of publication, it is believed, will coexist with the e-format.

Standard publishing has always benefited from book fairs and expos seeing that they take place in many town and cities where the necessity of extra publication for a certain book or books will always arise. This is good for authors and publishers who don’t have time to order online from one of the giant publishers and can do so from a standard publisher in the community where the book fair is taking place. Certain book clubs and libraries also depend on traditional publishing in many ways. There are times when they’re in need of copies of a given book right away because the club or library has an emergency in getting a certain amount of copies for a special occasion. They don’t have time to take shipping and handling into account. They need their books as soon as possible, so they go to a traditional publisher for him to take care of business for them.

Traditional Publishers Have To Favor The People

These are just a few of the ways standard publishing has to continue doing business. There’s a tint of fear in the air as they eye online publishing and the facility it provides for authors who want to get published and have to do so on a shoestring budget. These people are often computer savvy and can swim the tide in the production of their books. They can sidestep standard publishing and use the POD system from a lot of online publishers to produce their work. However, a lot of people who want to get published don’t have the time to go through the process by themselves so they have to look toward a traditional publisher to give them assistance with their projects. They might want to publish their recipes, photographs or poems but have to work and cannot carry out the task because of the time factor involved so they prefer to go to a traditional publisher for help.

At Wade Hilton from Jamaica we’re all out for traditional publishing because it can help us promote reading. We want more people to read and a lot of them can do so by way of a book. Standard publishing can help us produce that book and we’re going to support them especially now that we know that they’re doing everything, recycling is the principal one, to reduce their consumption of paper, in other words not to kill a tree. Don’t forget that we can’t run the show without your valuable participation so please let us know what you think about standard publishing.

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