The publishing business is on the downside of existence as hundreds of publishers close their doors not only because of the rise of the Internet and Google and Amazon and everything being read on the screen but due to the invention of the e-book. And even though at Wade Hilton from Jamaica we strongly believe that books will never disappear, that they're only changing their format, most of their makers are undoubtedly going out of business and don't seem to agree with this idea. Books will not disappear, most of them seem to agree. 

Almost Anybody Can Publish an E-book

E-books can be produced by almost anybody nowadays and practically for nothing. It then can be marketed by any of the leading surviving publishers for a reasonable amount or you can do it through social networking for free or at most for a very low price. You don’t have to go through any of the giant publishing companies that have managed to survive the shakeup that the book industry has suffered. They might not even answer your plea of getting published for they are only interested in books that can make money. They don’t have any time for simpletons like us seeing that we are trying to help spread a certain philosophy or get a message across or divulge a cause and they’re only interested in making big money. No wonder most of them have died down and gone out of business because they have strangled their own gold mine on which they've sat for years without anticipating the arrival of the e-book format and the revolution it would bring about.

There’s nothing we can do to help them now as the few remaining publishers such as Dorrance Publishing, Harper Collins Publishers, The Association of American Publishers, Random House, Wikipedia, Microsoft Publisher, Macmillan, Association of Canadian Publishers, Bloomsbury, Publishers Association, Penguin Books, Publishers Weekly, etc. practically work wonders to get a share of the market. They, the publishers, are to be blamed though for they sat on their treasure for too long a time without foreseeing the future, without limiting their destruction of trees, and all the terrible mistakes they've made as publishers.

The Innovative Publisher Will Survive

Don’t misunderstand us at Wade Hilton from Jamaica for we're not saying the publishing industry is lost in oblivion. There are a lot of things the surviving ones can do to stay alive and there’s still a lot of money involved in the publication of religious books through Christian publishers, literary agents working with education publishers, children’s books, comics and poetry publishing. The publishing business will go on. They’ll probably never die for there’ll always be something to publish. As a matter of fact, they’ll always survive for people will always have the necessity to write poems and gather recipes for their publication. There’ll always be emerging writers and authors from practically every country on the globe and a lot of them will still want to see their writings or books published. They’ll go out of their way to find a publisher to help them get their message across to the world.

Let's Contribute to the Betterment of the Publishing Industry

It is very plain to see here in Jamaica how dozens of great writers suffer to get their books or stories out. They don’t know who to turn to, especially due to the fact that there are very few Jamaican publishing companies. we can probably count them on one hand. Let’s see: Ian Randle Publishers, the University of the West Indies Press, Arawak Publications, Eyeedit, Panache Communications Inc and Jamaica Publishing. Well, maybe they’ll fit on two hands if we search through some of the directories online. However, that’s not the point for we want to use this moment to ask all Jamaican publishers and those from abroad, too, to come forward and help contribute to the betterment of the publishing situation on the island. We want to see action, make all of those wonderful writers out there, published or unpublished, get a chance to launch their story with all the tools available to them online. At WadeRoss Publishing, we are open to helping you get published physically or electronically, so send in your petition for publication and we’ll find a solution to your problem.

Our editorial company, WadeRoss Publishing, is working hard to discover and publish all those writers who are struggling to get their work out in front of the public. The time has come when you can count on someone to help you get your book, scrapbook, story, poems or recipes published. It's a lot easier than you really think, especially now that with just a little knowledge of the computer and some software you can publish your stuff all by yourself. This is the secret to going about getting your book out there, doing it all by yourself.

Self-publishing Publishing Your Own Book How to Get Published Standard Publishing Kindle Store

Novels have an upper hand when it comes to their style of writing, their way of telling a story, of portraying fictitious characters and events in a realistic manner.

Jamaican authors can obtain a huge share of the market if they unite and make use of the e-business

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