Novels have always been a great way of writing books, of telling a story, especially one that aims to please the reader. Many modern-day novelists have made great use of this form of writing wherein the author creates a long narrative portraying fictitious characters and events in a realistic way. A lot of these authors have become very skillful in telling myriad stories to please both their human and spider readers. They know how to employ parts of speech in such a way that they keep your imagination running from beginning to end, to where normally their story climaxes, always leaving you wanting more of their intriguing creation. They have the power in their hands, pens, and keyboards to make you love what they create.

Everything´s Easier for Modern Novelists

There is also a very lucrative market out there for most of these modern-day novelists. Their work can be made into movies and their help can be used in writing screenplays or scripts for the industry. They also possess the vision to use the Internet, make the search engines and social networks work for them, market their product to please everyone. They know how to do business and they do it well because they make people like their work, identify themselves with it, become a part of the protagonist. And once you do, you can’t resist the temptation of acquiring the narrative they create for you.

Novels have become very important lately because of the boost they’re getting from the newly introduced e-book format. These books have given them the facility to be launched all over the world in front of many more people who normally would not have seen the publication. This electronic way of marketing their work has also given them the possibility to sell their creation without having to print it. The end-user is also very happy and cheerful because the product is delivered immediately to his or her e-reader. Novelists such as Danielle Steel, Sydney Sheldon, Michael Creighton, John Grisham, Stephenie Meyer, John Updike, Stephen King, James Patterson, Robert Ludlum, Gabriel García Márquez, Tom Clancy, Maya Angelou, William Faulkner, Mario Vargas Llosa, Ernest Hemingway, Toni Morrison, Harold Robbins, Stieg Larsson and Anthony C. Winkler have created their novels based on storytelling that pleases their readers. They’ve employed an effective marketing strategy to get their books in the hands of the right kinds of people so that they can launch them on a global basis. They also make sure that the latest technology is used to ascertain the success of their novels.

Some Modern-day Writers Know the Techniques

Dan Brown and J. K. Rowling are among this latest genre of novelists. They have managed to use all of the strategies above mentioned to get their work out. Brown with his Da Vinci Code and Rowling with her Harry Potter series have conquered the market in such a way that they’ve become overnight success. People talk about them everywhere you go. Their books turned into movies have been seen in practically every corner of the globe, and with great admiration from the general public. Brown and Rowling are among the best modern-day novelists in the business. They have learned to please people with their storytelling.

As time goes on, I think the kind of technology available to these modern-day novelists will help them get even better at what they do. They’ll be able to produce their work in a printed form or by way of e-book which will of course sell faster than they used to do. They’ll have access to the Internet and the powerful search engines and all the book channels available to them, especially if they have the potential to capture the market. I’m sure modern-day novelists will from now on employ all the technology they have at their fingertips. What do you think about the availability of this new kind of technology? Please don’t hesitate to let me know your ideas and opinions on the subject matter as it gets hotter and hotter by the day.

Others are just out to make Money

There's a new market out there and it has most certainly given rise to a new and different generation of writers, ones like Snooki and the Kardashians, who, with access to the market and a solid advertising campaign, have sold millions of books and are not necessarily writers who aim to please you with fine storytelling. However because of the availability of the technology to write and produce their work in a very easy way, they have gained fame and fortune and might even continue coming out with more books to prolong their future as modern-day writers.This is how far the new market has taken us and there seems to be no limit in sight.

At Wade Hilton from Jamaica we'd love to hear your comments and opinions on this kind of writing. Don't hesitate to send them in whether you're for or against this kind of narrative that portrays fictitious characters and events in a realistic way. We'll respect whatever you have to say, so let's hear from you as soon as possible.

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Publishers have sat on the business, their gold mine, for a long time without foreseeing the arrival of the e-business

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