Novelists are the only writers that might have a chance to prolong the disappearance of books as we know them today. The advent of the e-book has shaken up the book industry so much that there’s talk now of the silent revolution behind their disappearance. Ever since the Internet came into being, more people started reading on the screen. That’s the way it would be from now on because everyone was bound to do business on the Net. Buying and selling, marketing, would be carried out on the screen and there was nothing to stop that from happening. Opinions and viewpoints won’t be able to stop it. Everything we do in terms of transaction will be done over this magnificent tool we've been blessed with. It’s the information age and we have access to it right at our fingertips. Why not make use of it? And that’s what we’re doing, making use of it. Every day more and more people around the globe have access to a computer and the Internet. They can catch up on the news by way of reading or watching. There are thousands of songs for them to listen to, several mechanisms to maintain relationships of different kinds with friends, relatives, business partners and clients. There’s a boom in e-readers, too, and this has driven even more people to read on the screen. They can download a lot of books to their favorite gadgets or gizmos and read them wherever they go. All of this has changed our reading habit and brought about a threat to books as we currently know them.

The POD System Goes Well With Authors

It will take a long time for them to disappear and there are a lot of things as both publishers and authors that we can do to prolong their existence. We can stop killing trees and use recycled material to publish them. We can set them up all in a library, much like Google’s Library Program, and use the POD system to print them when we need them. There are a lot of other things we can do to save their disappearance; however, we don’t want to talk about all of them here. We just want to make mention of one special one of them, novelists.

Novelists have the power to prolong books for a long time to come. There are several reasons for this. The first and most important one is that there’s a segment of readers who likes and enjoys reading novels and has thus created an essential niche for them. There’s an important demand for this genre in writing. It is well-loved and cherished by certain people who will always want to read a novel because of its narrative depicting fictitious characters and events in a realistic way. This group of readers has given novelists the power to maintain this genre forever. They’ll always have a market for their books, one that will never disappear, one that will always buy their books physically or electronically. It is here with regards to the physical book that we think novelists can help by coming together and making their readers acquire more books.

Storytellers Must Know Their Market

As storytellers, novelists will always be in demand to produce their work. They know that there are people, fans, followers, bookclubs and booklovers who will go to any ends to read their work. They have a kind of marketable guarantee from the public. Their books will sell. There’ll always be a market for them. They don’t have to worry about that. All they have to do is keep on producing their stories with quality and zest. In this sense novelists are doing a good job by maintaining their novels for it is explicit to see that year after year great writers are added to the list and a lot of the existing ones seem to be getting better, more dedicated to please. Their stories sell like hot bread as they make use of the power of the search engines, book channels, social networks and all the advertising they can come up with to boost the sales of their books. They’re in a good position and will always be. We do not need to make mention of any of them in particular for the list is long and will take up a lot of space here. However, let’s hear from you about the ones you think we should mention here and why.

At Wade Hilton from Jamaica we think that novels and novelists have a certain kind of magic behind them when it comes to the love that people have for these kinds of books. They’ve been around for a long time now and still seem to wield a certain power over those who read them. That’s why we think they’ll be around forever and can certainly help prolong the future of books as we know them today. Novel lovers will always be there to enjoy them.

Let us hear from you. We appreciate your comments and opinions and will go out of our way to let people hear your voice.

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