The island of Jamaica covers an area of 10,990 sq. km. , 4,243 sq. mi. The terrain is mountainous and is surrounded by coastal plains. The climate is tropical and it is located in the heart of the Caribbean. Its ethnic background is made up of African descendants, East Indians, Chinese, Caucasians, and a mixture that most people now call the melting pot because of the variety of people produced. Jamaicans enjoy a very broad religious affiliation which consists of Anglicans, Presbyterians, Baptists and other protestants groups, Roman Catholics, Rastafarians, Muslims and Jewish. The official language is English although Patois or Jamaican as a lot of people like to call it nowadays is widely spoken throughout the island. The government is composed of a constitutional parliamentary democratic type, initiated since the island gained its independence from England on August 6th, 1962, with three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Jamaica is divided up into 14 parishes and 60 electoral constituencies and is mainly run by the two principal political parties in the country: the PNP and JLP. The economy has been going through turbulence recently although it has a GDP of 16 billion with a per capita of $5,000. It has natural resources such as Bauxite, gypsum, limestone, marble sand and silica and is very prominent in agriculture with products like sugar cane, bananas, coffee, citrus fruits, condiments and spices. The most popular types of industry are: tourism, bauxite and alumina, processed foods, sugar, rum, cement, metal, chemical products and ethanol with trading in the US, UK, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, India, Japan and China. The people and history started when the Arawaks or Tainos as they are known, too, arrived from South America and settled the island. Christopher Columbus’ first arrival was in 1494 after which time the Spaniards slowly took over the island and practically wiped out the Arawak people with disease, by slavery and ongoing warfare. Spain brought in the first African slaves in 1517 to work the land. After that, they began to engage in fighting with British forces and pirates, such as the Buccaneers, who took over Port Royal from where they would later launch their piratical attacks. In 1655, the British seized the island in a violent confrontation with the Spaniards and Great Britain gained formal possession of it in 1670.

Jamaica is The Best Island in The Caribbean

Sugar made Jamaica one of Britain's most valuable possessions on a worldwide basis for more than 150 years until the British Parliament abolished slavery in 1834. After a long period of direct colonial rule, Jamaica began to gain political control and managed to hold its first election under full universal suffrage in 1944. Eighteen years later, it gained its independence and has since lived a stable political life although today the uncontrolled population growth marred with crime and drugs and human trafficking has caused the nation’s woes to worsen. This should never be due to the potential the country possesses in myriad aspects.

We the younger generation of entrepreneurs are willing to do everything to take the nation on its right path due to the historical, cultural, political and economical background it possesses. Its music is so varied and rich that the rhythmic sounds produced on the island are prized by almost every nation around the world. Tourism and the industry behind it can be exploited to such a level that everyone who sets foot in Jamaica is bound to have a wonderful time, an unforgettable one. They will always want to come back. We have everything tourists need; an endless number of beaches that will leave you breathless and satisfied when you plunge into their fine greenish blue water you'll find practically everywhere on the coasts. Jamaican cuisines, raging from a wide variety of meat and seafoods to all kinds of exotic tropical fruits and vegetables that will make your mouth run water; rums, liqueurs and a wide variety of nonalcoholic beverages that bring a sublime tastiness to the palate; every aquatic sport you can think of and each one comes with the maximum enjoyment allotted it. The island has convinced the world of the importance of sports and water is abundant everywhere you turn. There are hotels, bungalows and cheap boarding that can make every visitor’s stay on the island an enjoyable one. We the new group of entrepreneurs will make Jamaica the world’s most valuable entity pretty soon and in practically every aspect.

 The Paradise Island That Excels

Because of the close ties that we have with the UK, the ever-increasing financial, cultural and trade relations with the United States, the link with other Caribbean countries through Caricom and the Association of Caribbean States, Jamaica has the possibility to become a great nation in the region and on a worldwide basis by offering its services through the Jamaican Tourist Board, the enormous chain of hotels and bungalows, the fine restaurants, the airline industry, travel agents, and taxis and rental agencies. If we all get together and deliver the best of what we do, we can make the island excel in a lot of ways. It’s time to change things and make Jamaica the place that it’s supposed to be, an island with a friendly atmosphere, one that is bound to make you enjoy to the maximum everything about this lovely entity we call home at Wade Hilton from Jamaica.

Make sure you come to visit us in this sunny paradise. You'll love everything we have to offer because we do it galore and with every intention of satisfying you. That's just the way it is in Jamaica and we're going to do everything to make it carry on in that same token.

We welcome your comments and are open to every contribution that will make our dream of turning Jamaica into a paradise island come true. There are lots of facts out there to help support the heart of the Caribbean, to keep it the center of this beloved place, the entity we'll always love. Go ahead and send in whatever your little heart desires. 

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There's a beautiful island in the Caribbean that everybody seems to love because of its music, cuisine, history, landscapes, beaches, and above all the people who inhabit it-Jamaica is its name.

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