Hotels play a vital role for both tourists and travelers. The original concept of lodging a person for a night, a day or two, for a couple weeks, or a month for a price has turned into one where the hotel sees the client as one to whom it will give satisfying accommodations in every way for a payment. The visitors’ stay should be of vital importance to the caterer. Its intention cannot be other than gratifying the lodger’s every moment during time spent in its facilities. The idea of a bed and room equipped with a bathroom for a certain amount of time is long gone. It is the hotel’s business to go after a complete satisfaction for the client. His or her every move. Some of the famous hotels like the Hilton, Marriot, Ritz, Westin, Fairmont, Conrad, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Sheraton, Holiday Inn and Radisson are thinking so hard in satisfying their client that they have even gone to the extremity of providing an iron and a board for you to take care of your ironing necessity. This is how far the hotel industry has gone to make sure that their clients’ stay be a pleasant and agreeable one everywhere on their premises.That is the essential role they should play for everyone.

A Complete Satisfaction Must Be Guaranteed

There’s no other way to look at the hotel business other than that it’s their duty to ascertain that their clients enjoy themselves in every aspect while staying with them. Hotels have a variety of ways to achieve this. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the industries that can always come up with something new to satisfy their clientèle. They can participate with travel agents, airlines, food and beverage suppliers, and host of other companies that will help them make the industry a better one, one in which their only goal is to set the clients’ enjoyment as top priority.There are all kinds of hotels. They range from historic to capsule to living quarters. People actually use them as homes. There’s even a passing one where couples go to engage exclusively in sexual activities. These are not the ones that we’re interested in even though they fall under the idea of making their customers have a good time, which is a part of what we’re trying to get across to the normal hotels. It is your duty to go out of your way to make your clients enjoy themselves to the maximum. They must have an unforgettable time.

Management at the normal kinds should start out right now by sending a clear message to the general manager, the middle managers and the entire administrative staff that they’re going to put aside everything to make the tourist’s or traveler’s stay an enjoyable one at all times. The moment the clients arrive at the hotel, the personnel should understand that they are going to want to eat, drink, sleep and have a good time on their premises. Good buffet meals are the best and cheapest ways for hotels to satisfy the clients’ eating needs. Drinks must always be available and there should never be a shortage of local or international beverages at anytime. We only have wine and tequila for the moment should never be heard at a hotel whose intention is to satisfy their clientele. Whatever it takes to get them their drinks, it must be done. It should always be top priority for the establishment. Beds and their clothes should be clean and smell great all the time so the visitor can rest in a satisfactory way. After all, this was the number one idea of the original hotels: to give the client a place to sleep. Make the vacationer have a good time, as a matter of fact the best time, has been a marketing strategy provided over the years by some of the more sophisticated hotels. Their idea was to bring in games, shows, tours and a lot of other activities of added values to make the customer enjoy even more his or her stay.

Every Hotel in Jamaica Will Comply to the Visitor's Satisfaction

There’s still room for improvement in satisfying the tourists’ stay at a lot of hotels and we the young entrepreneurs at Wade Hilton from Jamaica want to make them know, especially the ones on the island, that we’re going to go out of our way to spread the news that every hotel in our country is here to make the client have a wonderful time, be s/he young, old or middle-aged. Everybody who comes to the country must leave completely satisfied in every way.

Don’t forget that one of the most important things for us here at Wade Hilton from Jamaica is to get your comments and opinions on how hotels should go about making the goal of satisfying their customers a top priority. Send them in and rest assured that we'll make a direct response. We love to hear from you and always will at Wade Hilton from Jamaica.

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