When I came across the word romance which has always been used to refer to some of my books, especially Goddess of the Arawaks and Gwen & Gwenette, I didn’t think it was all that important. However, when I saw it on my keyword list after having done the brainstorming, it was then that I saw how important it was with a high value demand and a low real supply. I became attracted to it right away and decided to choose it for one of my tier 3 pages. It seemed to be a good niche, I began to think to myself, as I decided to do some research and find out some more about it before I got down to writing this page on it.

I plan to do it in such a way that you'll love every word of it. Romance has captivated my interest and I'm sure it'll do the same thing to yours as you read a long.

Romance Means Love, Passion And Fire

My first encounter with the word was amazing because I found out instantly that it had a lot of definitions and has been around ever since Plato’s time in Greece where they referred to it as a love affair between two people. Centuries later it became known as a passionate love relationship between couples. During medieval times it became known as a narrative in prose or verse that relates an adventure of chivalric heroes. Later on it was changed to a fictitious tale with mysterious events. Nowadays, I think a good definition would be a story, an anecdote, a relation with an intense emotional attachment between two lovers. That is what we call romance today.

That sweet feeling that all of us experience when we fall in love, when we fall for a person, someone with whom we have a kind of saga, a romantic relation to be loved by both people. This is what is so important about romance. It’s a kind of acceleration that comes around the heart, making it feel light. Indeed, it’s a sweet feeling because everything that occupies your mind has to do with love and passion and fire. You become romantic and everything quixotic takes hold of you and make you want to sing, dance and be merry. Music becomes divine to you and all you want to do is listen to it, feel its beat. Flowers take on a heavenly embodiment, their aroma, their shape, their colors become attracted to you and serve as gifts for your sweetheart. Words at this time turn themselves into gentleness and sweetness and they heighten your emotional relationship with prose and verse. This sweet feeling takes you to another dimension and makes you want to experience it again and again with your lover or partner.

You Become Lighthearted, in a Dream World

No wonder romance is such an important niche. Romantic music, films, songs, stories, books—everything romantic sells better than anything else on the market. People really believe in romance and they go out of their way to experience the feeling, a state that they’ll want to relive time and again. It’s irresistible in every way. It only brings joy and vivacity to our lives, and as humans we love every moment of it.

Of course there are bad feelings, even in romance, but we don’t want to talk about them here. They’re not important to us for the time being. We want to talk about romance and the good feelings it brings, the way it changes the rhythm of your heart, how it makes you giddy-headed, and loosens your tongue to come up with words of love. When you’re under the influence of romance, everything around you changes. You become light-hearted and seem to be carrying on in a dream world. The emotions begin to move the earth under your feet, heightening the one of romance to its maximum. How sweet a feeling! It makes you want to keep on having it. Nothing else matters for it steers you away from worries and unpleasant feelings. You become pure at heart and always want to experience this feeling of love, this romantic sentiment.

More Romantic Stories Will Be Created

Romance is a wonderful thing and all of us want to share in its delight and happiness. History is full of romance and we can see that over the centuries it has caused us to create great romantic stories. The intensity of the emotional attachment related to them has thrilled us to this day. We love romance and will always have a place for it tucked away in our hearts. That's something no one can deny. We all want to take part in and have fun with romance.

At Wade Hilton from Jamaica we’re all for romanticism. It’s a part of our lives and we love it dearly. So much so that we’re going out of way to promote romance. Come and join hands with us to give thanks for this positive feeling that is so well-cherished by human beings. Let us know what you think about romance so don't hesitate to send in your comments and opinions.Be sure that we'll answer you.

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