How to Get Published

The first and most important thing on how to get published is that you have to have your manuscript finished. A lot of people get in touch with me wanting to get published but are either working on the actual manuscript or are about to finish it. You can’t do anything if the work isn’t in its entirety, that is to say, if it isn't completely written, you won't be able to publish it. Don’t waste time trying to do anything until you have the manuscript in your hands, properly edited and polished. As soon as this is taken care of, you’ll have to come up with a sales pitch in no more than a hundred words to advertise the book. Remember that this is very important because it must be powerful enough to make your potential clients want to read it. Nobody will look at it and if they do, they won’t get beyond the first sentence if there’s no appeal in your bruit. It must be so compelling that whoever dares to touch it will be immediately electrified by its content. They won’t want to put it down until they get to the end and will most likely want to read other writings provided by you.

In order to talk about publishing the manuscript must be in your hands.

It's Best To Get Published Online

Once you’re through with this part, you have to go in search of a literary agent who can be very hard to find especially if you’re a newcomer in pursuing publication. You’ll have to make up a query letter and send it out to as many agencies that might be interested in the subject matter related to your book. A lot of them can be found in any of the search engines, but don’t send in your manuscript or phone them for you’ll be wasting your time on something impossible in that approach.

You have to begin by getting involved in the world of publication. The best way to go about it is online. There’s so much to learn on how to get published. You’re going to have to dedicate a certain amount of time per day to your endeavor and don’t forget that you’ll be receiving absolutely no pay for the task you’re about to undertake. You’ll have to get hold of guides to literary agents, publishers and editors to be able to find your way to the right person. From now on, a part of your time must be dedicated to finding out about the world of book writers and publishers. There are a lot of Christian literary agents who will always be willing to help you even if your book has nothing to do with their field of work. You can also consider the e-book option of getting published. It’s probably the easiest, and I would be tempted to say the best, of them all because in many cases you can do it all by yourself. You don’t need to disburse any large sum of money to get the job done. It’s just a matter of uploading your manuscript to certain platforms such as the KDP and Google’s Partner Program. Maybe this is right now the best option to get published and seeing that e-books have outsold books for the last few years, you might have an edge on selling them. Literary agents are still in a position to help you even though there’s a silent revolution in the way we’re going about our reading. In a very short time from now, a great percentage of it will be done on the screen through computers or a series of e-readers that are getting more sophisticated as well as popular as technology advances. It might be a better option publishing online than endure the hardship of finding an agent to help you get published. Let there be no misunderstanding about this because it can be done, and easily. With persistence, dedication and a burning desire you can get published one way or another. It’s up to you to decide which path to take to get your book published.

The Easiest Way To Carry Out Your Publication

Literary agents will always be around as there are millions of people who support them. The channels they use are very effective to get your book published and carefully managed on the market, of course for a price. However, there’s this new option of carrying out your publication needs and it’s easy and cheap and a lot of authors are turning to it and you can, too.

All you have to do is sign up with any of the e-book providers and upload your material. You don't have to pay any intermediary because you have to do all the work. A little knowledge of certain software and the computer is enough to get your book published. If you're willing, you can do it and all by yourself without any pressure.

At wade Hilton from Jamaica we’ll always go out of our way to do things for you and help you get published is no exception among them. It can be done if you’re serious about it and really want to get it done. Don’t forget that your comments and opinions are valuable to us especially when it comes to a subject matter of this kind. Please don't hesitate to let us hear from you.

Standard Publishing

Publishing Your Own Book

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