Creative Writing

Creative writing is how we express our thoughts and feelings by composing a story with words. It can be done through fiction, true story or poetry. It doesn’t matter how you go about putting down this form of writing because all you need is your imagination and a blank tablet, paper or your computer. Of course the rules of language must be followed in order to attract attention and avoid criticism, which can tear you apart and make you look simple or idiotic. No kind of writing can get very far without respecting grammatical rules and guidelines and creative writing is no exception among them. As a writer, you have to know the correct function of verbs, adverbs, prepositions, nouns, adjectives and conjunctions. The formation of sentences such as simple, compound, complex, independent, and so forth must be completely dominated by the storyteller. Paragraphs are the key to any kind of writing and should be carried out with a topic sentence, supporting details, the conclusion and all the relevant keywords that were brought in from brainstorming done by the writer.

Nothing else is needed to create your writing. Get down to business and start putting word after word.

If You Can Talk, You Can Write

A lot of us think that by reading hundreds of books we will be able to create whatever we want in writing. This is most definitely not true, and although it is of great help, one must rely on the rules of writing, his or her imagination and a lot of practice creating one paragraph after another. Creative writing cannot be taught nor is it a skill or talent with which we were born. It is something that we have to acquire by way of practicing, repeating it. There are a lot of university courses, creative writing degrees in colleges in BFA and MFA all around the world and even PhD programs for people pursuing a career in this field. There are also hundreds of workshops and forums to help sharpen your skills and techniques, and most of them are very effective at what they do. However, we come back to the same thing: It all boils down to your practicing, putting down word after word on paper or on the computer screen to make up a story, to create your form of writing. There's frankly no other way to go go about creating your book.

This form of writing can be done in epic, novel, play writing, poetry, short story, screenwriting, songwriting and creative non-fiction. Whichever you decide to choose, remember that you have to entertain and delight your readers. Use metaphors, similes, personifications and imagery and always make your characters shine or stand out in the plots you create. Play with the language you use by creating puns and telling spontaneous jokes so that your readers will want to come back for more. Build believable characters to hold your readers’ attention throughout the story. They won’t want to go on if they can’t identify themselves with your way of telling the story. However, if they do, they will not only read you from start to finish but liken themselves unto you.

The Key to Good Storytelling is Practice

Creative writing has a lot to do with the experiences you’ve had in life, the everyday things that you do. We’ve all experienced sorrow and happiness, love and hate, we’ve seen people fight and make up, live and die; we’ve laughed and cried and have known success and failure; we’ve gone through or have had something to do with all the emotions in life. They are the things that can help us bring about creative writing. Don’t misunderstand us at Wade Hilton from Jamaica. We’re not in the least indicating that all the wonderful courses offered by so many colleges and universities are not helpful in mastering creative writing. They undoubtedly are. But for anyone to really get his or her creative writing going, even after having a degree in BFA or MFA or a PhD for that matter, you have to find time and be able to discipline yourself to sit down and write.

Get busy and build a decent vocabulary. Learn how to go about using prepositions, adverbs, nouns, conjunctions, verbs and adjectives. Start writing paragraphs after paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting details. Be sure to come to a conclusion in each one of them and pinpoint your keywords even before you start writing them so that your readers can be immediately attracted to them. Once s/he is aware of them, nothing will stop you from getting your idea across to your readers.

Sit Down and Create Your Story in Words

Creative writing is fun for a lot of writers, old and new. It can be so for you, too, especially if you become inspired by any of the emotions. They will compel you to put your thoughts in words and force you to write them down. They will make you feel as if you’ve tapped into some magical power outside of yourself; one that you’ll enjoy and find pleasurable in as you develop your story. Creative writing is exciting and fun to carry out especially if you turn it into a passion.

Don’t forget that at Wade Hilton from Jamaica it gives us great pleasure to receive your comments and opinions, especially on a subject matter such as creative writing. Go for it and let us know every little thing you have stored up in your mind on this kind of writing. We want to hear them and will make sure that we answer you. You won't regret a moment of it.


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