Asking for Help and Getting It!!

by LA Jackson
(Atlanta, GA)

My new baby!!

My new baby!!

While it still may take a few years, paper books WILL go the way of the CD but like CDs, may not totally vanish. I recently read that e-books have finally surpassed book sales, so that pretty much says it all. That's why I'm here, right now. I spent the past few years tightening up my book, MUSICOLOGY 2101 and the other books in the series. I had to get my manuscript to my publisher, who promised it would be out form 2012.

Well, it came close to happening, but didn't really happen. Then I fell into PURGATORY, right between HEAVEN and HELL. Well, after applying the advice Mr. Wade Hilton gave me, I now have my book online at Amazon, Google Books and am working on a few more. Whatever technical issues my publisher encountered are unknown, but I was successfully able to achieve the goal, which was getting my book online.

I can now breathe a little, as I prepare to take this book to the masses. So THANKS Mr. Hilton, you've helped me to get to the field so I can compete in the game, during the last leg of the paper book's race for survival. And YES, I'll have a paper book out regardless because like vinyl records, I can't stop being OLD SCHOOL.

Pick up a copy of my book and the books of Wade Hilton - I hope to do a book tour and work more closely with this publishing icon!!

Best regards,

L.A. Jackson

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