Jamaican Newspapers

If you should ask any Jamaican about newspapers in the country, the first ones they’d mention would be the Daily Gleaner and the Star. Quite a few of them might also come up with The Jamaica Observer, perhaps the third most popular tabloid in the country. These newspapers are full of great articles, true-writing and storytelling and the writers behind them are well-dedicated and responsible journalists who have as their priority to please the public, their readership. The Gleaner, which was founded in 1834, is a very well organized newspaper on a worldwide basis. It is currently been exported to several countries and has won an ever-growing membership online. The paper carries from world news to weather to obituaries and there is even a mobile version that you can download on almost all of your favorite gadgets. The Star is more of the entertainment type although it carries very good articles on important issues in the country. Its sales are very high among a wide variety of people including business people, teachers, workers and a lot of students from schools and colleges around the country. It is smaller than most of the other newspapers and can be easily manipulated while reading.

Newspapers Are Still Widely Read in Jamaica

Other newspapers such as Business Content Jamaica, Irie FM, Jamaica Information Service, Jamaican News Bulletin, Kingston Chronicle, Love Herald, Radio Jamaica, Tech Jamaica, Television Jamaica and Western Mirror carry different kinds of news and information with an ever-growing online presence. They have an excellent concept of providing the news with tips on everything that is related to the island. Their presence in the Caribbean is very important as they continue to grow in even the smallest countries in the region. Information is always necessary although a lot of newspapers not only those in Jamaica but around the world have been hard hit by the fact that they kill a lot of trees to carry out their publication which is only for a day or two. Because of this, a great many of these newspapers have gone online and are producing fewer editions of their tabloids.

Jamaican newspapers have a big function on a national basis and there are a few of them that operate only in local entities in the country. They carry multiple perspectives on business, computer science, politics, news, music and cuisine. There are always great articles on sports which has always been an important event for practically every person on the island. A lot of them carry sections on culture and entertainment which are widely read by many people. All of them have ads related to tourism, hotels, airlines, shuttles, beaches, food and drinks. Jamaican newspapers have done very well, and hopefully they'll continue doing so, in providing the very best in the news for the country and the entire world for that matter. Let's hope they continue to survive and take care of business due to the digital changes we are undergoing.

Jamaica Has to Provide News For its Communities Worldwide

There’s something special about Jamaican newspapers. They’ll always have support from a lot of readers from different sectors in the country and around the Caribbean islands and in a lot of places around the world. A lot of people will always want to know about Reggae music and they’ve proven an important source to provide the latest in news, shows and jams on this wonderful kind of rhythm. Tourists will always flock to Jamaica and world news will always be important to them so that the local newspaper will always have to carry something to satisfy these travelers who constantly visit the island. They don’t only read about what’s happening in their neck of the woods but also look for current events happening on the island. There will always be the necessity to give solid and authentic reports of the weather which at all times will be of vital importance to natives of the island as well as foreigners because of the occurrence of hurricanes or storms and even tremors. Newspapers more than often provide important information to save lives as people can easily have access to them both physically and online especially now that they’ve grown to such great positions over the Internet.

There'll Always Be a Demand For News About The Island

The Caribbean, the United States, Canada and England are entities where the most notable Jamaican newspapers are published overseas. These places are directly connected to the island by way of business, Jamaican communities in certain areas, sports, political, cultural and economical ties. A demand will exist for news about the island in these countries and these papers can provide it to satisfy the people’s needs across this region. 

At Wade Hilton from Jamaica we love to hear from you no matter what you have to say or how you go about doing it. So please make it a point of your duty to get those comments rolling in especially on the subject matter of Jamaican newspapers. Let us know what's on your mind, whether they make the grade or not. Please send them in right away.

Jamaican Publishers

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